If you’re a student looking for a good school to teach you art or animation, where do you begin? What should you know about choosing an art or animation school?

My guest today is an Instructor in the Animation Program of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University. His name is Valery Mihalkov. Valery came to Concordia after many successful years making a living as a fine artist, and working in the animation industry at studios such as Cinar and Cinegroup, and he was awarded an Emmy for his work for Sagwa.

Valery’s reputation as an artist and instructor is well-known in the Montreal community. When my daughter was a major in the Drawing & Painting program at Concordia, she added a minor in animation just to be able to take classes taught by Valery.

Unfortunately, the audio quality is not the best. We recorded in person in a room where the tenants below decided to start construction.

Drawing study by Valery at age 17