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Constructive Figure Drawing

The most important drawing skill a story-driven artist needs is constructive figure drawing. Most texts are focused on observational figure drawing which is an approach that will leave you deficient in necessary skills, particularly if you are an animator.


The head and the hands are the most expressive parts of the human body. They command most of an audience or viewers’ attention. Whether you are a painter, sculptor or animator your ability to draw heads and hands will mark your artistic skill more than any other aspect of drawing.


These are the classic texts on character animation, tested by time and the great artists of animation.

Gesture Drawing for Story

Gesture is one of the most neglected and misunderstood aspects of drawing. It’s primary purpose is not to equip artists to draw interpretive dance, it’s to help artists communicate character, emotion and story.


Painting books are a dime-a-dozen and, unfortunately, this category is glutted by unhelpful, and downright misleading, books on painting. Be careful where you spend your time and hard-earned money on books that advance your painting skills, and not hold you back.

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