Legendary screenwriting professor, Richard Walter, is with us again in part two of my conversation with him. 

Richard was professor of the UCLA Screenwriting program, which is the most successful screenwriting program in the world. It’s harder to get into this program than it is to get accepted to Harvard Law School, and for good reason. 

Richard is a consummate storyteller, no matter what the medium, and that’s one of the things I love about him, every conversation is not only instructive, but a good story. And you can tell that he not only knows his stuff, he loves what he does. 

I often bring a guest on the show to test my assumptions, and pose ideas swimming around in my mind that need a good rattling, and no better a rattler of assumptions in film and screenwriting than Richard. 

Richard was the chair of the UCLA Screenwriting Program, and one of its’ most beloved and respected professors. Richard is recently retired from teaching at UCLA, but that doesn’t mean you can benefit from his teaching. Richard has published what I consider to be the best of the best instructional books on screenwriting, titled, “The Essentials of Screenwriting.” Richard also holds live, interactive online screenwriting workshops, and you can get on a waiting list for an upcoming workshop at his website richardwalter.com.

You can find even more wisdom from Richard on his Substack podcast called Get Reel with Richard Walter. Richard releases a short audio episode each week with great information on screenwriting. He also writes articles on Medium, and they are not repurposed from his Substack. They are completely different. So when you finish this episode go subscribe to Get Reel on Substack and Richard’s articles on Medium. 

Richard still teaches, and holds online screenwriting workshops from time to time. If you can manage to get a spot in one of them they are well worth it.

You can listen to part 1 of my conversation with Richard here.