Steve Huston taught me to draw. I was a “self-taught” artist and animator. When I took a job at Playhouse Pictures as a youngster, Clean-up Artist Stan Sommers told me to take a drawing class at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I wasn’t to take a drawing class from just anyone, it had to be Steve Huston.

In just one semester my drawing ability skyrocketed. A whole new world of possibilities opened up to me by learning to draw constructively. This is how animators have to draw. I will always be indebted to Steve for his love of drawing and for imparting that to me.

Steve was one of the first instructors who taught at the online school New Master’s Academy, and when my kids decided to pursue art, it was Steve’s classes that I signed them up for.

Steve recently moved from LA to Montana, and the Bozeman Art Gallery interviewed him at his new studio, where he continues to teach through his “Draw and Jaw” Live Streams.

You can find more information about Steve on his YouTube channel Steve Huston Draws